Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Thoughts

It has been a dry, cold "spring" in Oklahoma.  I'm not even sure we can call it spring. Yet.  This month in my world is preparing for a second graduation, photo shoots booked until the last weekend of April (hey I'm available!), and continuing to work on a new business endeavor.  I don't want to announce anything just yet about this particular business, but I am very, very excited for the season.  Baby Henry O has been lots of help ... all those sleepless nights of teething have made me very productive.

One of my best friends, Robin Buchanan is launching her new blog in June.  JUNE!  Yours truly will be a collaborator, so look out for some great randomness and cheeky columns.  She Pins at http://www.pinterest.com/robinbuchanan/.

Look out for Britt's Eye at Tiger Lily Stillwater on Mom's Day!  We will be having a FREE outdoor photo booth for all who stop by.

Oh, and I'm getting my motorcycle license.  I already have my first three road trips planned out.  You should come join.

I hope your spring is filled with new hope and a sense of adventure.

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