Thursday, July 10, 2014

10 Things to do With Your Baby in Oklahoma - Summer Edition

I don't sit well.  When finding days when it's just the two of us, I know that a plan to explore does us both good.  And as a first-time mom with an infant son, I'm always asking fellow mommas and friends about activities they do to keep their little one stimulated and them out of the house.  So, some times it's nice to mix up the mommy play dates and quiet time at home.  Here's a compiled list of activites to keep you, and your little one, busy in Oklahoma this summer.
    1. The Classics
    2. It's Better When It's Free
    3. Keep Them Active
    4. Learn & Play
    5. Explore Native American Culture
    6. Picnic & Hike At a Local Lake
    7. Events at Myriad Botanical Gardens
    8. Explore Your City
    9. Mommy-and-Me Swim Classes At Your Local City Pool
    10. Family-Friendly Festivals

For other ideas on mommy and me play dates:

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