Sunday, August 31, 2014

15 Unplugged Toys for Baby Boys (for less than $60)

Henry's 1st birthday is approaching quickly, so in efforts to keep him as unplugged as possible (and help the slew of grandparents with ideas) I compiled a list of toys that might remind you of your childhood.  You know, before iPad apps were baby's all-encompassing toy.

The American Association of Pediatrics recommends to completely avoid media use for children under 2.  This is almost impossible for a typical household, and I would lie if I said our morning Sesame Street time hasn't saved my sanity a time or two.

We play with pots and pans, Tupperware, and cardboard boxes like you do with your baby.  But, some times it's nice to pull out the toy box and let them go crazy without a plastic toy singing back to you for an hour.  Besides, babies love to explore on their own and have quite a curious imagination!

Note:  I purposely chose not to add books to this list, since that is a whole other topic.

Happy playing!

(Updated version - recalled bolts removed from set.)

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