Monday, February 23, 2015

Tips & Tricks for Your Engagement & Wedding Photography Experience

Booking A Photographer
How is it easiest to communicate? Tell your photographer how you want them to contact you, whether it be via phone, text, email, or social media.
Set realistic expectations. What is important to you for your engagement session - the location, emotion, or details? Do you have a shot wish-list for the wedding day? Make sure to share it with the photographer while keeping in mind that the day moves quickly! Also, don't expect the beach wedding photos your photographer took last year to look the same as a indoor chapel wedding at night.

Working with Your Photographer
When looking for a photographer, repeat these two words: budget and style. Make sure you know and like the style of the photographer before you book, as well as how much you need to budget for. Often, photographers will allow payment options or incentives to help you properly budget and get the experience you want.

Your Engagement Session 
One of the first conversations you will have with your photographer is about the date and location of your engagement session. Be upfront with your work schedule and the time of the week/time of year that you will be able to fully enjoy the experience. Do you have a date night, special place, family land, or anniversary tradition? If it's important to you, document it. Let your photographer know the place that is special to you or a particular style you're seeking. There are no rules or limits!

Tell your photographer what you need your engagement photos for - sharing via social media, a printed Save-the-Date card, wallets with the invitations, or an album to share at the wedding. This will allow them to deliver exactly what you want ... and often, they can help design or order your products for you.
Before your engagement session and wedding day, have your ring cleaned! You can also talk to your jeweler about a cleaning solution for at-home care. It makes all the difference in your detail shots.
Bring at least one formal and informal outfit, makeup for touch ups, hair brush, hair spray/bobby pins, clean or polished nails, props, and a small towel for sweat for summer shoots.
Choose outfits that are comfortable and contemporary. Make sure you've worn your outfit at least once before your shoot to make sure it fits and complements your body type.
Compliment your clothes in a color scheme or style, but don't stress about having matching outfits. Variety is good.
Pamper yourself! Go get a manicure, hair, and make up done professionally. You will be amazed what a difference this makes!
Details! A favorite watch, necklace, or accessory will show off your personality.
Props are an excellent way to make your session even more unique. This can include blankets, name plates, your favorite wine bottle, gifts, banners, chalkboards, or even a keepsake book or family heirloom.
Engagement sessions are best when you have a couple of hours to stare into each other's eyes, cuddle, kiss, and tell inside jokes. (So don't be afraid to give him a peck on the cheek or bring her in close for an impromptu dance!)

Your Wedding Day
Schedule a wedding timeline consultation after you have finished preparing for your day. You and your photographer can make sure you have enough time for your first look (if you want one), bridal party portraits, family formals, ceremony, candids, and reception.
Stumped on vendors or venues? Ask your photographer. They can give you recommendations of venues based on lighting and style, as well as reputable vendors they have worked with in the past.
Tell your photographer about special circumstances, like if Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob are divorced and not on speaking terms, or if Grandma is in bad health. Your photographer will try to be sensitive to family dynamics and act on your behalf to make sure the day goes smoothly.
Bring a Box. Put your mom, coordinator, or friend of charge of giving a box to your photographer while you're getting ready- fill it with important details you want photographed like your invitations, save the date cards, family heirlooms, something blue, accessories you're wearing on your wedding day, wedding rings, parents' wedding photos, flowers, boutonnieres, letters, bridal party gifts, etc. 
Be on time.
Enjoy your day! You've worked hard on planning and coordinating. Enjoy your time and let your photographer worry about everything else.
Before the reception, let your photographer steal you for a few moments of portraits with your love. It gives you a couple of minutes to gather your thoughts and have alone time before you are carried away by well-wishing family and friends.
At the reception, don't be afraid to ask your photographer to take a quick shot of you and your awesome coworkers or little brother. That's what they are hired to do!

After Your Wedding
Panicked about not having enough time for bride and groom portraits on your big day? Schedule a couple's bridal session and use it as an excuse to wear your beautiful dress one more time.
Print your digitals.
Insert a wedding photo into your thank-you card, or make it a postcard! It'll take some of the work off of you, and give your guests a thoughtful keepsake.
Save your digital images on a cloud storage or backup device, just in case. FBEV delivers your images via online gallery, Dropbox instant download and backup, and cd. Your images are never deleted or expired.

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