Saturday, April 23, 2016

Policy Change Announcement

We just want to give you a head's up that this summer, we will be changing our price formats and making adjustments to our policies!  In addition, we will be adding a few policies:

  • Session payment must be paid in full to schedule the session.  Rescheduling will be allowed based on weather or a serious emergency one time per session.  Any other rescheduling will be subject to a $75 rescheduling fee.
  • Sessions will be scheduled according to the subject and group agreed upon between the photographer and client.  This session choice will be included in the invoice and must be adhered to.  No one may piggy-back sessions (i.e. engagement session and a senior session with a sibling who arrives as the session begins.)  Piggy-back sessions will be subject to a full session payment for the second session delivery.
  • Clients may not sell their images to a third party for profit.  From Britt's Eye View Photography, L.L.C. retains all copyrights and will invoice accordingly.
  • Galleries will be distributed and limited to the client who paid for them.  If someone would like full access to the images with printing release, it will be $125 for a CD up to 8GB, $175 for a USB up to 16GB, and $400 for full wedding galleries, delivered via USBs.  Clients are distributing sessions to several people for use, and taking advantage of the policy that clients may not distribute photos to third parties.
  • Extra time, sessions, and traveling will be invoiced accordingly.  No free sessions will be offered any more.  Unfortunately, this has been seriously taken advantage of, so we must tighten our policy that all sessions must be paid for when scheduled.

We greatly appreciate all of our loyal clients who keep us busy with this full-time job!  If you have any questions or need clarification with these new policies, please let us know.

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