Thursday, November 2, 2017

Kimberly & Jimmy John's Edmond Engagement Session

In my 3 years as a wedding photographer, I’ve been extremely lucky to get to work with all kinds of amazing human beings. As you’d expect, every couple is different from the next. Some are all about the PDA, some are all about keeping it sweet and romantic, and some people… well, some people are just downright hysterical!

Meet Kimberly and Jimmy John, two of the happiest (and funniest)  people I’ve worked with in a really long time. The session took place in Edmond, which was a great backdrop for our engagement session.

These two are officially tying the knot this Saturday, so wish them lots of luck! But really, with a relationship as lighthearted and fun as this one, I don’t think they’ll need any luck at all!

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