Sunday, July 29, 2018

Oklahoma City Newborn Lifestyle Session

oklahoma city newborn photographer

One of the best parts of going into someone’s home to photograph their newborn is that I get to see things unfold in a really, truly organic way. And, as the photographer, it’s my job to capture those moments on camera!

Sometimes that means I’m there for a major cry-out or a sweet moment between the family pet and baby. And sometimes that means I get to see the interaction between siblings and their new baby brother or sister, or the way parents work together brilliantly even when they’re exhausted.

My shoot with the Fugett family and their newborn, baby Emmet, was incredibly special, and I got to see many of the things I described above.

As you can see, we spent a lot of our time inside the nursery & living room for this session. The light was soft and glowing and the vibe was comfortable & homey, which made for some incredible shots and a memorable day.

I am so happy for your family, Sarah & Ethan! May you make a million happy memories together as a family of three!  

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