Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Joy of Boudoir Photography

Bridal boudoir sessions can be as sweet, silly, romantic, loving, and fun as you'd like it to be.  Since we are in the height of 2019 wedding planning, I wanted to share some tips about your boudoir sessions.

For the bridal boudoir session, bring the jewelry, veil, & shoes you think you'll be wearing on the wedding day.  If you have any sweet details, heirloom jewelry pieces, or anything that is special to you, bring that as well!  These details will be nice to interchangeably use for this session and a sweet memento of the purpose for your boudoir session.

The bridal (or bridal boudoir) session is also a great time to test your hair, makeup, and bouquet for the wedding day.  I do recommend getting made-up professionally.  

For the bridal boudoir session, bring nice, lacy outfits that you feel sexy in.  I also recommend to bring the shoes you're wearing for the wedding, veil, and jewelry.  Any heels!  Even if you have a "wifey," shirt or "bride" shirt, we can use that to do a few cute casual boudoir shots as well.  We can do a really pretty veil and heel shot!  If you have any bridal/honeymoon outfits, bring those too!  

For my boudoir sessions, I like to keep it classy and comfortable.  No inappropriate shots will be taken.  It will all be about a tease, if you get my drift.  If he has a favorite shirt, or something you'll know he'll love, let's definitely incorporate that as well!  Robes are awesome too.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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