Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Danielle's Timeless Bridal Session at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love the thrill of a wedding day. There’s an insane amount of energy poured into coordinating every vendor and every participant, there’s the mad dash to fix inevitable snafus, and it’s a race against the clock to keep everything on schedule. Does it keep me up at night sometimes? Sure! But I live for it!  

That said… sometimes a lady needs a break from the madness of it all, and that’s where bridal sessions come in! For those unacquainted, a bridal session takes place days (or even weeks) before the actual wedding day, and gives the photographer (ME!) an opportunity to photograph the bride without any sort of pressing time constraints. Naturally, that makes for some seriously dreamy pictures, and that’s exactly what we got during my bridal session with Danielle. 

The session took place at Oklahoma City Civic Center during a thunderstorm, which made for the prettiest light of your life, despite the weather! Doesn’t she look GORGEOUS?  

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