Thursday, January 29, 2015

A PSA, Some Random Thoughts, and Hug of Gratitude to Our Clients

As a few of you know, last November, an external hard drive serving as a prime storage and backup malfunctioned. It took a while to send it off and use recovery services, and no client images were lost, but it created a proofing queue that we are just now catching up to! 

I greatly appreciate your patience as we spend our time delivering these late sessions.  Usually, we pride ourselves on a turn-around time that is between 72 hours - 3 weeks, but this situation slowed us down considerably.  

This is reason #806 that I use Dropbox and online galleries with optional cds for digital deliveries. The Dropbox folder will never be deleted or altered once delivered, so that you can always have a backup of your images in case the unthinkable happens.

Between this, a family friend's death, me being in the ER, and my son being in the ER, we have started the year with a resounding BANG.

We are so glad to be serving you this year with over a dozen weddings and being booked with sessions in January and February!  Thank you for supporting From Britt's Eye View Photography, and letting me do something I love (and keeping Henry at home with me) ... and allowing me to continue dancing.

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