Monday, January 12, 2015

Wade & Erika Engagement | Guthrie Oklahoma Photographer

This engagement session holds a special place in my heart - Erika is a fabulous sorority sister, we lived in house together, and we were dance majors in college.  I was thrilled when she contacted me about an engagement session at the Pollard Theatre - a special date night place, and a lovely note to a dancer and actor's special union.

Wade & Erika whispered, kissed, and cuddled throughout the session just as two people in love do.  I asked them, "What do you think will be the biggest change about being married?"

Erika: "My last name!"

Wade: "Tax returns."

Yeah, they're going to be just fine.  Congrats to two wonderful people on your new journey!

Whenever Erica needs to take off her engagement ring, Wade takes it off or puts it on for her. I asked what the meaning behind it was and he simply replied, "I gave her the ring, I am the only one who is supposed to take it off." 

"Where did you get the idea?"
"It's what my parents do."
One of the sweetest traditions that I've ever heard.

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